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Ever since I can remember I’ve always been amazed by pictures, especially by photographs. I have found them to be a medium that goes much more beyond its physical attributes and the power of the images that are captured. What has always fascinated me is the possibility of a story being captured in a single image. Regardless of having these feelings and ideas, it still took me a long time to arrive to photography. I started my carrier at the age of 16 as the director’s assistant at the Budapest Operett Theater, and a few years later I decided to change to a career in film. After almost 15 years in theater and the film business I had the feeling that I really needed new ways to discover myself. I went to Denmark for a year where I attended a half year long program at International People’s College. That is where I decided to give up my profession in film career to become a  photojournalist. In 2008 I returned to Hungary, where I graduated from Balint György Academy of Journalism with a degree in photojournalism. While still in school I had a half year long internship at the Hungarian News Agency and where I have been working as a stringer photojournalist since 2010.

In 2017 I moved to Israel, Tel Aviv.

In my work I concentrate on the humanitarian side of current affairs - people behind the news stories, and human rights.


MTI - Hungarian News Agency - since 2009

Nők Lapja (Woman's magazine) - since 2013

UNHCR - 2014


2015 - XXXIII. Hungarian Press Photo Contest                               3rd Prize in category Documentary stories

2012 - XXXI. Hungarian Press Photo Contest                                 1st Prize in category Documentary stories

                                                                                                            3rd Prize in category Documentary single

2011 - XXX. Hungarian Press Photo Contest                                   1st Prize in category Portrait stories

2009  - XXVIII. Hungarian Press Photo Contest                             1st Prize in category Art and Entertainment single


2017                      120 of Hungarian Photography - Warsawa (group exhibition organized by Mai Manó House)

2015                      Milano EXPO 2015 - Hungarian Pavilon (group exhibition organized by Mai Manó House)

2009-2015           Annual Hungarian Press Photo Contest Exhibiton  (group exhibition) Budapest, and countryside

2013                      Budapest Water Summit - open air exhibiton  (group exhibiton)

2013                      Little Miss - Mai Manó House, Book Store (House of Hungarian Photography) (solo exhibiton)

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Hungarian        native

English             fluent

Hebrew             lower intermediate

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